As a sponsor of 2021 ICCEES World Congress, ASEEES is offering a limited number of registrations for graduate students to present their papers at the World Congress. 

To be eligible, you must be:

  • A current student member of ASEEES
  • Scheduled to present a paper at the 2021 ICCEES World Congress

After review, ASEEES will send notifications to the applicants. The registration monies will be sent directly to the ICCEES organizers who will send the recipient a code to register without paying a fee. This program will be open while the funding lasts.

We are excited to put together a slideshow highlighting the many contributors to the 2021 ASEEES Convention. 

To participate, please submit the following:

  • A photo of yourself at an ASEEES convention, your research site, or your home town
  • First & Last Name
  • Institution Affiliation
  • Your City, State, Country

Thank you in advance!

Application Guidelines:

  1. Applications should be made for manuscripts that have already been contracted and peer reviewed in full, and are at or nearing the production stage. Applications should be submitted by publishers only—not by authors.
  2. The publisher should submit the application using the online application form below.
  3. A complete application should also include: 
    • An overview of the book and its scholarly significance (not to exceed 1,500 words).
    • A copy of the author's CV
    • The manuscript's Contents page and two sample chapters, complete with references. (One of these samples should be the Introduction, if  applicable.).
    • A copy of all peer reviews of the book obtained by the press, along with the author's responses. The names of reviewers may be withheld, provided that the publisher certifies that the reviewers are established scholars who are not from the same institution as the author.

Grant Amount:  Maximum $2,500

Deadlines: February 1 & September 1 11:59 PM Hawaii Time

Decisions of the selection committee are final and will be announced 4-6 weeks after each deadline. Funds will be disbursed at the time of award and should be expended within two years at the most.

For more information on the program and eligibility, click HERE.